Core Chucks

Sharing Technology and Cooperation

Rolco works together with the mill team; these are the experts that see your operation every day. They know everything about your equipment – everything that works well and everything that does not work so well and how to help improve it.

The traditional core plugs or core chucks are heavy and require lifting tools for the operators to handle them. These core plugs require the additional investment of the lifting tools as well as their maintenance and periodic checks. Operators do not like to haul around these heavy parts which might lead to reduced lifetime of the core plugs.

Rolco Core Plugs are:

  • Easy to handle because they weigh less than 25kg each (<55lbs.)
  • Designed and engineered to withstand the abuse that core chucks suffer.
  • Made of durable aluminum.
  • Fully CE certified.
  • Available in a wide range of diameters and specifications.
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People are the most important resource

People are considered to be of vital importance to every company so an effort must be made to keep everyone healthy and able to perform the required work. The lightweight Rolco Core Plugs are less than 25kg so they can be easily handled by an operator without too much strain, allowing the operator to perform the required work efficiently and without harm. The added benefit is that no lifting tools are required which saves on costs and maintenance.

Safe by Design

The Rolco Core Plugs are designed and engineered to handle the typical high loads that are involved when handling mother reels with the crane and in the unwind stands. The basic design allows a high load and can handle the required torque in every unwinder.

Certified and always a good fit

Since we supply to multiple different customers, we supply our core chucks on the desired diameter, length and load required specifically by you. Each Rolco Core Plug will be certified before delivery for care free use.

Retrofit or new - Suiting your needs

The experience of the Rolco engineers and technicians allows Rolco to be your preferred partner, whether you are looking to upgrade your existing line with a retrofit, install a new module as replacement or install a completely new line. Rolco Core Plugs can be used in converting lines from Fabio Perini, Futura, PCMC and others.

In every case Rolco is flexible in meeting your specific needs and cooperating with your team in order to have the best possible outcome: cost savings, less maintenance, excellent service, a flexible system and higher output of finished product.

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