Unwind Stands

Unwind Stands By Rolco

The unwind stand is  the start of your converting line. This module unwinds the mother reel so that the paper can be worked in later converting line modules. Adding additional unwinds stands to your converting line enables the production of multiple-ply products. Rolco has supplied multiple customers with specialized unwind stands, capable of fitting in any plant because of our tailor-made installation service. Rolco has installed small unwind stands that handle 1.500mm diameter, and large stands that can handle up to 2.500mm diameter reels. By using Airfoil plates, carbon rolls or Brush Rolls, your machine will always be specialized for your needs. Our service includes help with threading design. We guarantee a smoothly running web into your converting line, and we ensure a perfect fit by working together with your home-team.

Unwindstands 4x
Unwindstand with Loading Application
Unwindstand Compact

Retrofit or new, we make it work

Rolco engineers and technicians are experienced and flexible, which makes Rolco your ideal partner in the tissue converting industry. Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing line, install retrofit modules, replace old modules with new ones or install a complete new line, Rolco can make it happen! Our unwind stands can be used in converting lines from Fabio Perine, Futura, PCMC and others.

The future is in Automation

The machines of the future are characterized by an increasing amount of automation. Cost reduction and safety are factors which result in a better competitive position for any company. Rolco unwind stands can automatically start and stop when changing reels. The addition of a flying splice adds even more automation to the Rolco unwind stand, keeping your converting equipment relevant and competitive.

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