Our Upenders are intended to tilt industrial rolls from a horizontal product to a
standing product. Thanks to the well-engineered interchangeable parts, our
Upender can handle a wide variety of products. These machines can be
supplied as stand-alone units as well as integrated into existing machines.

Slitter Application

Rolco has implemented various slitter applications in various machines. When
choosing for an Edge Embosser with crimping wheels, there is also the option
to cut the product to the correct size inside the production line. The more
actions that happen in the same line of production, the better it will be for the
product. In addition, this often also saves a stand-alone unit such as a sawing
machine in this example. Rolco can provide and integrate as well safe as
reliable slitter applications.


Rolco has not yet developed its own printer, but in our order portfolio we have
several safety upgrades, revisions and projects that have been successfully
completed. A project example is the possibility to complete conversion
projects. From an open printer system to the conversion with High
Performance Chamber Doctor Blade Systems. If you have any questions or
are interested in the possibilities for your machine, do not hesitate to contact

Tissueworld Discovers Benefits Profinet

“You will only do a project like this once”, says John van Bladel about the testline for the sanitary paper industry his company is building this year. With Siemens’ help Profinet is applied for the very first time. Rolco Europe is a relatively small company with 15 employees. Yet it provides special projects for major […]