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Privacy and Cookie statement

At Rolco Europe B.V. we strive to actively maintain our social networks. We believe cooperation is essential in creating the best results. Every project is highly specialized and tailored to the customer, and the right specifications for every product are a key element in any agreement that we make. For both suppliers and customers, this means that shared personal data is required to retain the level of communcation that is necessairy to deliver products suited to your needs. 
We collect and use data that is provided by our suppliers and customers in order to form agreements that suit everyone. Therefore we will use personal or company data for communication (i.e. e-mail, phone number, adress), payments, logistics (i.e. delivery), or other services. Your data is valuable for efficient cooperation and will be managed carefully. Insufficient available data might result in issues regarding the topics that mentioned above. Your data will be forwarded to third parties only when agreed upon. This may be necessary to create direct links to- and from suppliers of parts, materials or products that act on our instructions. With your approval, we will store and use your data for informative purposes such as product offers and advertisement of new products and  services. It is always possible to opt-out of our mailing register by using the link below our mail content. Additionally, one year after the last documented contact we will remove any personal or company data from orders that were discontinued. Regular customers’ data will be stored for up to seven years after the last order was placed due to the obligation of record keeping for tax and customs administration.
We use external server space for storage of our (sales) records and business relations. Your personal data is therefore available to the server space provider. Furthermore, we use Microsoft Office for e-mailing and file management. Our newsletter mailing service enables availability of data to Microsoft.
Our website uses cookies. We use data from cookies from every subsequent visit to be able to present offers or services targetted to our specific customers. Withdrawal of consent is possible any time. Cookie data is stored for up to one year. Additionally, functional cookies are used to manage the shopping cart and remember login details. Analytical cookies are used to gather information about our website, which is used for improvement purposes. 
It is always possible to inspect your data that we have stored. Furthermore, we will honor requests to delete data or to limit the availability. Any more questions regarding data use and cookies can be directed to