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Highest Quality Tissue Blades

Rolco works together with the mill team; these are the experts that see your operation every day. They know everything about your equipment – everything that works well and everything that does not work so well and how to help improve it.

Rolco is completely integrated in the Tissue Converting Industry and supplies Blades and Knives to our customers. Our Top Quality Knives and Blades can be used in all different OEM machinery.

Rolco can supply:

  • Log Saw Blades
  • Perforation Blades
  • Circular Knives
  • Grinding Applications

Find out more about our Tissue Blades below or contact us directly.

Upgrade with New Equipment, Retrofits and Refurbishments

The experience of the Rolco engineers and technicians allows Rolco to be your preferred partner; whether you are looking to upgrade your existing line with a retrofit, install a new module as replacement or install a completely new line.

In every case Rolco is flexible in meeting your specific needs and cooperating with your team in order to have the best possible outcome: cost savings, less maintenance, excellent service, a flexible system and higher output of finished product.

Edge Embosser Wheel, New & Regrinded

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