The Rolco Accumulators

The accumulator module is a buffer between your converting modules and your packaging modules. Our accumulators have already been running in many converting lines all over the world for over 30 years. The Rolco design allows for flexibility due to a seamless buffer formation between the rewinder and log-saw. Depending on the customer’s specifications, our accumulators are tailor-made and suit for any converting site (examples are the number of gondolas or specifically designed custom log-saw outfeeds). Due to the simplicity of this first-in-first-out system, it is possible to load up to 5 log-saws with buffered logs. Additionally, a smaller buffer system like an accumulation roll-down table is another alternative  if a conventional log accumulator is not an option. Please contact us using the information below if you are interested in Rolco accumulator modules.

Accumulator industrial rolls
Accumulator table, folded products
Accumulator kitchen rolls
Accumulator industrial rolls
Accumulator with extension and logloader
Accumulator Table Folded Products
Accumulator logloader
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