Projects in the Foil & Paper industry & Specials

Projects in the Foil & Paper Industry & Specials

We notice that our years of experience in the tissue converting industry also
extend to other industries. Latest years Rolco is exploring the market to invest
where we can implement our knowledge and innovations beside the tissue
industry. We keep close to our experience and converting industry, so in a
few years we now realized several larger projects in the paper, carton, and
foil industry. We are happy to develop customer-specific challenges with our
entire team. Our knowledge is widely applicable, and we look forward to
finding the most suitable solutions together with you as a partner.

Offline Embossing Line
Foil Rewinder Safety Upgrade
Add on Scraper / Cleaner application
Foil accumulator
Folder, VITS ILF
Foil accumulator, integrated in building construction
Profile Drilling Table
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A few examples

  • Rolco has started in the early days with building Accumulators for several industries. Rolco is specialized in creating solutions where a standard machine is not enough or not be able to implement in an existing line or building. Next to our Accumulators in the tissue industry for consumers products as well industry rolls, we have
    developed Accumulators for the foil industry. In the images on this page, you can find an example of an Accumulator that’s fully integrated in the building construction. With this option the workspace on ground level keeps fully clear, and the maximum buffer storage is used on a location that wasn’t in use before.


  • Complete overhaul, revision, and safety upgrade of a foil Rewinder.
    This Rewinder is located directly after a foil extruder where dependability and down-time is an important factor. To protect the Rewinder from all the risks that came out of the Risk-analyses also the process, how to work with the machine for the operator had to be amended. Safety upgrades are almost always related with process automation and updating the controls.
  • Offline Embosser Lines for the converting of paper with a big variety of
    reel dimensions (as well width as diameter) and thickness of paper.
    Fully automated production line with the possibility to emboss the paper on two sides as well on one side and keep the backside smooth. This is commonly used for lamination.
  • Machinery to eliminate faults in production or to ease the process for
    the operator. Think for machinery like a sharpening machine for large saw blades of various diameters and thicknesses and a drilling table where a profile gets drilled on multiple exact locations. We can also engineer and complete these kinds of special projects on request.
    Rolco has all disciplines in-house, from engineering, to production, to
    an assembly hall where the machines and prototypes can be fully tested.



Offline Embossing Line

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