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Sharing Technology and Working Together

When it comes to bundling and wrapping of tissue and towel rolls and especially AfH rolls, Rolco has developed its own packaging machine in order to comply with the high standards of our converting customers. Rolco has developed this packaging machine in order to comply with the high standards of our converting customers while keeping in mind each mill has its own demands and needs customization. If you are looking to upgrade your existing roll packaging or if you are exploring new equipment, Rolco is your preferred partner thanks to our extensive knowledge of the tissue converting industry. The team at Rolco looks forward to help you achieve:

  • No more dust complaints from your customers.
  • Lower material cost.
  • Better visual presentation of your packaging.
  • Flexible roll formats – from 1 to 72 rolls.
  • Increased OEE efficiency through quick change overs.
  • Lower operational cost and increasing your profits.
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Packing Leg Indiustrial Rolls
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Dust and Dirt Protection

All converters face the same issue with dust and dirt. Customer complaints about dust and dirt on the tissue product are to be avoided at all times and at the same time you need a nice looking package to deliver to your customer. Maybe you are using micro perforated foil in order to get a nice tight foil packed product. Or you use regular foil but the package is not as nice and tight after the shrinking tunnel as you would like to see it. Rolco acknowledges these issues and has worked with different mill team to find a solution:

  • No more perforated foil but regular foil, which saves material cost.
  • A nice and tight packaged product coming from the shrinking tunnel.
  • A fully closed package that does not allow any dust and dirt to get inside, even when storing for an extended period in the warehouse.

Multiple Formats From 1-72 Rolls

Dust free packaging is important for your customer but so is flexibility in formats. You want the possibility to pack just one roll or multiple rolls together, so you can suit your customer’s needs. This flexibility means you need to change over between formats and the time it takes is time you are not producing and not running product on the line. Therefor Rolco is working with its customers to improve the change over time step by step to maximize your OEE line efficiency:

  • Maximum flexibility; from 1 to 72 rolls nicely packed in foil.
  • Stacked rolls are no problem with our stacker.
  • Even odd packs like 11 rolls are possible to combine with for instance 12-pack rolls.
  • Quick changeovers between formats without tools and very operator friendly.

Cutting Cost With Flexible Packaging

If you are still using cardboard based packaging like shipping cartons and RSC cases, you might want to consider flexible packaging for your rolled products. You might think that you need cardboard because of stability during transport or for dust protection. However if you produce a quality rolled product and pack this in a quality flexible packaging, you and your customers will experience the same quality but you are able to lower your costs. Using flexible foil packaging instead of cardboard based packaging, has long been a way to cut cost in your operation. The team at Rolco is available to discuss your possibilities.

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