About our activities

We are NOT a project agency. We are NOT only a machine supplier. We are NOT purely focused
towards engineering. We are NOT solely a provider of customized converting machine solutions.
We are MORE! We are Rolco!

We provide:

  • Projectmanagement
  • Technical Audits
  • Safety audits
  • CE-documentation
  • Engineering
  • Production
  • Assembly
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Support
  • Training


At Rolco, we only engage with success! Our team provide our customers with the right know-how,
the right conceptual proposals, and the right solutions to address challenges and harnessopportunities.


In Rolco, you will find an experienced partner, who will work closely with your company’s project
team, to make sure the result meets your expectations.


Rolco commits itself not only to the concept and development of tomorrow’s manufacturing
processes, today, but also to aftercare and continuous improvement.


“ We believe we can solve the problems of our customers with custom made technological solutions
for the converting industry. “
Rolco’s brand and capability awareness is growing worldwide. In order to be able to grow and to
guarantee continuity in the coming years, we must look ahead and respond to new developments.
We change with you in a rapidly changing world. This means that we take into account the wishes at
different levels of our customers, and that we tailor our developments accordingly.

All the right pieces to build your customized developed machine

Building a customized developed equipment can sometimes seem like an immensely complex and
almost unsolvable puzzle. At Rolco, we have the knowledge and willingness to help you put the right
pieces in the right place.

You can count on Rolco

Rolco Europe B.V. is a family-owned company based in Nieuwkuijk, the Netherlands. At Rolco Europe
we focus on working together with our customers and suppliers to form long-term relationships. We
value communication above anything else and aim to build or improve converting equipment
worldwide. Our people are skilled, motivated, and experienced within the converting industry, and
we strive to deliver the best quality.

Where it all started

Rolco Europe B.V. finds its origin within Tilburg, just before 1996. John van Bladel was assigned as project engineer in the technical team of Edet (SCA), where he looked after the converting machinery. In 1996 John decided to make a leap of faith, and founded Rolco Europe with a partner. In its early years, the company worked predominantly for SCA in Tilburg. After several succesful projects other SCA (now Essity) locations had shown interest as well, which significantly widened the scope of Rolco Europe.

With the fascilitation of a bigger workshop and new offices, Rolco Europe moved from Tilburg to Nieuwkuyk in 2006. At this location it became possible to realise complete converting lines for customers. Nowadays, Rolco Europe works with the leading international converting companies, continuing innovation and progress within the tissue converting industry.

The team

The Rolco Europe team consists of skilled and passionate people. Around twenty employees work within engineering, production, assembling, planning and preparation, and administration for the company. The team specialises in refurbishment, retrofits, (safety) upgrades and customized machinery modules for different fields within the converting industry.

John van Bladel


Joris Pullen