Rolco Corewinder

High quality tissue rolls often contain cardboard cores that ease product handling and grant sturdiness to your product. Even though coreless products are possible, tissue rolls with cardboard cores add value and consumer satisfaction. Rolco core-makers ensure that the heart of your end-product is of the highest quality. 

Rolco has been designing and manufacturing Corewinders since its inception. We offer Coremakers for both consumer tissue- and industrial or professional tissue converting lines. Core diameters and number of plies per core are flexible and can be designed according to the customer’s specifications. By utilising multiple Unwindstands and the automatic flying splice feature, Rolco Coremakers can easily shift from one core-diameter to another. If you are interested in Rolco Coremakers, please contact us via the information found below.

With the flexibility to setup the lenght with a perfect flying slice cut up to 120m/min. All designs are in accordance with the latest safety norms and standards, but with the main idea of keeping it as easy as possible for the operator.

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Corewinder unwinder autosplice
Corewinder (frontview)
Carbon mandrels
Corewinder (backview)
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