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If you have an innovative idea or a standard solution is not sufficient, we join in. We work exclusively customer-specific. That means we are willing to take on projects and continue where others stop. Rolco is a highly specialized company offering flexible, customized solutions of converting machines and ancillary products and parts for the tissue, paper, and plastic film industry. Working for various sectors brings great benefits. It fuels innovation and provides insights. We seamlessly transfer the knowledge we gain in one sector to other sectors.

Rolco not only wants to be unique in the machines it builds, but also in its services. Rolco is brand independent and the machine does not have to be produced by us in order to have it overhauled, optimized or, for example, engineered a complete safety upgrade. If a module needs to be replaced or if the customer has an innovative idea that you want to realize, the entire project can be placed with Rolco. From brainstorming to prototyping and from building the machine to complete installation and commissioning on site. Rolco therefore has a spacious, well-equipped machine factory to produce parts, assemble machines and test and validate turnkey ready.

Projects in the converting industry

In addition to the modules that we develop, we also have several larger projects every year. Thinking of a combination of multiple new build modules that form a production line, complete safety projects where the line is reassessed from the ground up to comply with the latest CE, removing black boxes and converting the entire controls into a CPU with an open structure, fully updating outdated machines in terms of control technology and mechanics. Rolco’s strength lies in these types of projects. The organization has each discipline in-house and the knowledge and experience to be able to take on complete projects. Some examples are presented below.

Rolco Coreless Industrial Rolls Line
Offline Embosser Line | Paper 70-150gram, 400-1500mm variablewitdh
Hobema Safety Upgrade
Tailsealer and Accumulator, Industrial rolls
Foil Rewinder, safety & process upgrade
Rolco Coreless Industrial Rolls Side View
Coreless industrail rolls (Safety & functional upgrade)
Tailsealer and Accumulator, kitchen rolls
Foil accumulator, integrated in building construction
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The Unwindstands are  the start of your converting line. This module unwinds the mother reel so that the paper can be worked in later converting line modules. Adding additional unwinds stands to your converting line enables the production of multiple-ply products. Rolco has supplied multiple customers with specialized Unwindstands, capable of fitting in any plant because of our tailor-made installation service. Rolco has installed small Unwindstands that handle 1.5m diameter, and large stands that can handle up to 3m diameter reels. By using airfoil plates, carbon rolls or Brush Rolls, your machine will always be specialized for your needs. Our service includes help with threading design. We guarantee a smoothly running web into your converting line, and we ensure a perfect fit by working together with your home-team.

Unwindstand Compact
Unwindstand (with reel)
Unwindstand with Loading Application
Integration & Upgrade 4 Unwindstands
Modular Unwinder for testline
Integration & Upgrade double Unwindstands
Unwindstand (3.6m witdh)
Unwindstand (with variable reel witdh)
Unwindstands 4x
Unwindstand compact (2.7m witdh)
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Let’s create together

Partnering with us gives you access to our extensive technical expertise. We combine this with our unique machine, automation & safety insights and your own specific knowledge to create machinery that keep you one step ahead. The first step is to create the machinery as required for your production facility. Various options for the Unwindstand are among others:

  • Small space? Rolco developed several compact Unwindstands.
  • Complete new set of Unwinders or integration to extend an existing production line (original brand independent).
  • Fixed width from 500mm up to 3000mm or a variable width, diameter up to 3meter and weight up to 3000kg.
  • Idler rollers from alluminium, carbon and/or integration of brush roller.
  • Cones design completely free on request, from a pneumatic, hydraulic to an electrical application.
  • Tension controlled by loadcell or dancer application.
  • Accurate diameter control for an automated proces at paper breakage in reel.
  • Side shift from a manual button on a HMI, to fully automated with analog measurements up to 1mm accuracy.
  • Paperbreak photocells for fast-stop up to full detection of splices and holes.
  • Energy efficient drive solutions (brand independent, preference to market leaders such as Siemens or Allen Bradley).
  • If desired from organizational guidelines, complete zero energy is possible when entering within safety zones.
  • Flexible safety concepts adapted by every chosen option and requirements of the production environment.


Core chuck
Core chuck
Core chuck Ø75
Core chuck
Core chuck
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Core adapter 4inch with base
Core adapter 3inch
Core adapter 6inch
Core adapter 6inch with base
Core adapter 4inch
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Edge Embossers | Ply Bonders​

Edge embossing is already an old used technology to attach several layers of tissue mechanically to each other. In recent years we have successfully completed various projects at the larger converting processors. We guarantee high and continuous quality with speeds of up to 700 meters per minute. 

Rolco developed a new production method to improve the quality of the wheels as well the wheels holder. With an extreme accurate design and producing method for the wheels, we can make the perfect pyramid shapes which leads to a perfection of better quality bonding. For the wheel holders we improved the design to drastically reduce the dynamic loads, caused by vibration between the wheels and counter roller. Result is not only quality and speed, also the lifetime of the wheels are longer and costs will be reduced.

Edge Embosser, integrated in existing line (with lifting beam)
Edge Embosser
Small Edge Embosser for test line
Edge Embosser, double paper layer with product inbetween
Edge Embosser, integrated in existing line
Edge Embosser, narrow
Edge Embosser
Edge Embosser, integrated in existing line
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Improving the Plybonding System

The ply-bonding process in your converting line is often one that faces many difficulties.  Using the best ply-bonding equipment is important to ensure that your line is up and running. Some examples of the problems that you may face are: 

  • Excessive wear of ply bonding wheels or counter rolls
  • Insufficient bonding due to wheel jumping
  • Wrong wheel size and diameter
  • Undesirable workspeed
  • Costly wheel engravings
  • Insufficient accuracy of the ply bonding pattern application


At Rolco Europe B.V. we develop our products with these problems in mind, ensuring the least possible wear and increased efficiency. Rolco ply bonding systems are more efficient, have better working speeds and increased accuracy and consistency when compared to similar products. Another key feature of Rolco ply bonding wheels is significantly less maintenance cost due to the longer effective lifespan of the product. Rolco ply bonding wheels can also be refurbished more often, offering more cost effectiveness than competitive counterparts. Our product can run up to 700 m/min working speed with a tolerance within 0,01 mm.

Edge Embosser wheel (new & regrinded)
Roller with exchangeable hardened sleeves
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The embossing unit in your converting line is key to making your end-product unique. Within this module, your personalized pattern can be embossed onto the paper. Additional laminating units add layers to your end product, creating the desired bulk and softness of your product. At Rolco Europe, we develop custom-made and retrofit embossing and laminating modules that will complement your converting line. Rolco Europe is also capable of changing your embossing unit from nested embossing to point-to-point (PTP) embossing. Single or double embossing with or without lamination, all options are available. 

Embosser, steel to rubber (115grams paper application)
Embosser, steel to rubber
Small modular Pre-Embosser
Embosser, quick exchange rollers
Embosser, steel to steel
Small modular Flex-Embosser
Embosser, steel to steel
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Paper embosser, Polyurethane roller
Paper embosser, Polyurethane roller
Tissue embosser, Rubber roller
Pre-embosser, Patern roller
Pre-embosser, Steel roller
Pre-embosser, Idler roller
Pre-embosser, Cliché roller
S-wrap, Rubber roller
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Perforation units

Perforation is used in single or multi-layer tissue products, such as toilet and kitchen paper, but also in thicker tissue material for cleaning rolls. In the last 25 years, Rolco has completed several complete overhauls of existing winding heads. From complete mechanical overhauls to mechanically disconnecting the perforation roll in existing winding heads. In other words, equipped with a separate servo motor to create a variable perforation length which were programmed in the existing software programs.

Due to the versatility of applications and services provided by Rolco, we had the knowledge to design our own stand-alone perforation unit (which must be installed in front of or attached to a Rewinder).

Perforation unit
Perforation roller
Perforation roller, close up
Perforation roller, close up
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Slitter Applications

Rolco has implemented various slitter applications in various machines. When choosing for an Edge Embosser with crimping wheels, there is also the option to cut the product to the correct size inside the production line. The more actions that happen in the same line of production, the better it will be for the product. In addition, this often also saves a stand-alone unit such as a sawing machine in this example. Rolco can provide and integrate as well safe as reliable slitter applications.

Slitter application, tissue
Slitter application, foam
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Rolco has not yet developed its own printer, but in our order portfolio we have several safety upgrades, revisions and projects that have been successfully completed. A project example is the possibility to complete conversion projects. From an open printer system to the conversion with High Performance Chamber Doctor Blade Systems.

Printer refurbisment
Printer (spraying application), Run Out Indicator
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Rolco Rewinders are remarkably flexible while being capable of handling tissue up to speeds of 750 m/min. Our rewinders are designed with your preference in mind and used for consumer tissue lines and professional lines (jumbo rolls and center pull products). Products with cores and coreless products are both viable options for our rewinders, with a third option being a flexible rewinder that can shift between coreless and core products. Another flexibility is the roll diameter of our consumer tissue rewinder, which can be any diameter between 90 mm and 250 mm with a speed up to 600 m/min. This particular rewinder is ideally suited for the production of bathroom and kitchen tissue. Additionally, our start-stop rewinder for industrial rolls can produce rolls between 125 mm and 400 mm.

Sincro Rewinder upgrade, CPU controlled instead of black box
Reel Rewinder, with 1800mm reel
Echo Rewinder upgrade to coreless
Foil Rewinder, safety upgrade
Industrial Rewinder, 120-400mm rolls
Reel Rewinder
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Carbon mandrels
Tape roller with vacuüm for Foil Rewinder
Tape roller for Foil Rewinder
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Rolco tailsealers are designed according to your specifications. Our tailsealers are flexible in roll diameter and work at a speed of 35 logs per minute. Tail length detection and belt speeds are often bottlenecks in tailsealers, which is why at Rolco we use exceptional sensors and fine tuned software to enable the best possible precision. Additionally, we make sure the glue dosing is correct so that your end product will be as good as it can be for customer-use.

Tailsealer industrial rolls
Tailsealer (closeup)
Tailsealer kitchen rolls
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Tailsealer, glue knive upgrade
Tailsealer add-on, bad log reject
Tailsealer retrofit glue application
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The accumulator module is a buffer between your converting modules and your packaging modules. Our accumulators have already been running in many converting lines all over the world for over 30 years. The Rolco design allows for flexibility due to a seamless buffer formation between the rewinder and log-saw. Depending on the customer’s specifications, our accumulators are tailor-made and suit for any converting site (examples are the number of gondolas or specifically designed custom log-saw outfeeds). Due to the simplicity of this first-in-first-out system, it is possible to load up to 5 log-saws with buffered logs. Additionally, a smaller buffer system like an accumulation roll-down table is another alternative  if a conventional log accumulator is not an option.

Accumulator industrial rolls
Accumulator kitchen rolls
Accumulator table, folded products
Foil accumulator
Accumulator industrial rolls
Accumulator with extension and logloader
Accumulator kitchen rolls with logloader
Accumulator table, folded products 2
Foil accumulator, integrated in building construction
Accumulator logloader
Accumulator rebuild from indivudual runners to one single runner
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Sideplate small, 125x100mm, tube vertical, Ø13-Ø7mm, 1016003
Sideplate small, 125x100mm, tube vertical, Ø12,3mm, RP008074
Sideplate small, 125x100mm, tube vertical, Ø10,3mm, RP008073
Sideplate small, 125x100mm, tube horizontal, Ø12,5-Ø6mm, 75924
Sideplate small, 125x100mm, tube horizontal, Ø12,5mm, RP007836
Sideplate wide, 145x133mm, tube vertical, Ø12,5mm, RP003190
Sideplate big, 200x132mm, tube vertical, Ø13,2mm, RP001558
Logholder wide, 127mm, tube horizontal, 19271
Logholder small, 100mm, tube horizontal, RP007779
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Packing legs

When it comes to bundling and wrapping of tissue and towel rolls and especially AfH rolls, Rolco has developed its own packaging machine in order to comply with the high standards of our converting customers. Rolco has developed this packaging machine in order to comply with the high standards of our converting customers while keeping in mind each mill has its own demands and needs customization. If you are looking to upgrade your existing roll packaging or if you are exploring new equipment, Rolco is your preferred partner thanks to our extensive knowledge of the tissue converting industry. The team at Rolco looks forward to help you achieve:

  • No more dust complaints from your customers.
  • Lower material cost.
  • Better visual presentation of your packaging.
  • Flexible roll formats – from 1 to 72 rolls.
  • Increased OEE efficiency through quick change overs.
  • Lower operational cost and increasing your profits.
Packing leg industrial rolls with conveyors
Packing leg industrial rolls
Packing leg, toilet rolls (stacked)
Packing leg industrial rolls
Packer, toilet rolls (stacked)
Packing leg industrial rolls
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Cross sealing unit integrated


Our Upenders are intended to tilt industrial rolls from a horizontal product to a standing product. Thanks to the well-engineered interchangeable parts, our Upender can handle a wide variety of products. These machines can be supplied as stand-alone units as well as integrated into existing machines.

Upender (stand-alone)
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High quality tissue rolls often contain cardboard cores that ease product handling and grant sturdiness to your product. Even though coreless products are possible, tissue rolls with cardboard cores add value and consumer satisfaction. Rolco core-makers ensure that the heart of your end-product is of the highest quality. 

Rolco has been designing and manufacturing Corewinders since its inception. We offer Coremakers for both consumer tissue- and industrial or professional tissue converting lines. Core diameters and number of plies per core are flexible and can be designed according to the customer’s specifications. By utilising multiple Unwindstands and the automatic flying splice feature, Rolco Coremakers can easily shift from one core-diameter to another. If you are interested in Rolco Coremakers, please contact us via the information found below.

With the flexibility to setup the lenght with a perfect flying slice cut up to 120m/min. All designs are in accordance with the latest safety norms and standards, but with the main idea of keeping it as easy as possible for the operator.

Corewinder unwinder autosplice
Corewinder (frontview)
Corewinder (backview)
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Grinding machine for circular knifes

In addition to having Rolco saw blades in our own portfolio, we also supply standalone automatic grinding machine for circular knives. Circular knives sharpened on our grinding machine support both production reliability and quality assurance. The grinding machine will automatically grind the edge of circular knives. From first complete coarse grinding to fine regrinding. After sharpening, the blades are deburred and polished fully automatically.

With the grinding machine it is able to grind circular knives from 450 till 1200mm diameter. The grinding machine can be supplied with two options: Manual loading where the blades must be tightened with locking bolts or fully automatic with a pick & place robot, in combination with a magnetic coupling to secure the blades.

In addition to the process, environmental aspects are also examined. A combination air filter with EC centrifugal fan with a digital control can be installed on the machine to eliminate the aerosols.

Grinding machine
Saw blade accessories
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