Rolco Rewinder Flexibility

Rolco Rewinders are remarkably flexible while being capable of handling tissue up to speeds of 750 m/min. Our rewinders are designed with your preference in mind and used for consumer tissue lines and professional lines (jumbo rolls and center pull products). Products with cores and coreless products are both viable options for our rewinders, with a third option being a flexible rewinder that can shift between coreless and core products. Another flexibility is the roll diameter of our consumer tissue rewinder, which can be any diameter between 90 mm and 250 mm with a speed up to 600 m/min. This particular rewinder is ideally suited for the production of bathroom and kitchen tissue. Additionally, our start-stop rewinder for industrial rolls can produce rolls between 125 mm and 400 mm.

In short, we can make sure our rewinders fit any goal. If you have any questions, please contact us using the information below or hit the contact button in the menu.

Industrial Rewinder, 120-400mm rolls
Reel Rewinder, 1800mm
Echo Rewinder upgrade to coreless
Sincro Rewinder upgrade, CPU controlled instead of black box
Safety upgrade, sectional driven motors
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