Projects in the Tissue Industry

Projects in the Tissue Industry

In addition to the modules that we develop, we also have several larger projects every year. Thinking of a combination of multiple new build modules that form a production line, complete safety projects where the line is reassessed from the ground up to comply with the latest CE, removing black boxes and converting the entire controls into a CPU with an open structure, fully updating outdated machines in terms of control technology and mechanics. Rolco’s strength lies in these types of projects. The organization has each discipline in-house and the knowledge and experience to be able to take on complete projects.

Rolco Coreless Industrial Rolls Line
Hobema Safety Upgrade
Tailsealer and Accumulator, Industrial rolls
Height & angle adjustable conveyor for multifolder tissue (54meter)
Rolco Coreless Industrial Rolls Side View
Coreless industrail rolls (Safety & functional upgrade)
Tailsealer and Accumulator, kitchen rolls
Paper threading integration 4x Unwindstand
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A few examples

  • Complete production line for ‘Away From Home’ rolls with a diameter from 100mm to 400mm -> The latest developed production line can run a very flexible various number of product due to the several units that all can be turned on or off with a speed of 600m/min. In the line is included a double embosser, edge embosser (crimping wheels), perforation unit and slitter application. In this line also there is an option the run with or without carton cores. If the option is chosen by the operator to run without cores, we use several spindles and a special technic to strengthen the paper the first windings
  • Safety upgrade for complete lines -> In many of these cases we start with a pre-study to invest what will be needed, and which processes can or need to be improved when safety will be adapted to an original line. The first mind is mostly to put a fence around the machinery but in common cases the operator will also be blocked to do his work. In the pre-study we supply a risk-analyses by our certified safety engineers, make a detailed lay-out and describe all functions that needs to be adapted and processes that can be automated. The advantage of the pre-study is, we can discuss in advance what will be the scope of the project. Discuss some items what is needed, and which items are wishful. With the documents you can easily make internal discussion also with the people who works with the machinery. At the end they know the best how the machines are working and if you will do a safety upgrade like guarding, what eventually could be some problems in the process for the operators.
  • Complete safety and automation upgrade for a folder line (combined puzzle line of Perini and Hobema machinery)


  • Combination unit with Perforation, Embosser and Edge Embossing


  • Combination of Tailsealer and Accumulator with Logloader On the other pages you will find some of the previously mentioned modules which have been developed in the past. It is not only the modules that we build on your special request, but also the full integration and necessary adjustments in the original line are covered in our projects. 

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